Monday, August 8, 2011


Day 1
 I love summer vacation and I love it even more now that we have a little family. We started out 3 hours behind schedule but everyone excited and relaxed. Lainey was awesome in the 4 1/2 hour car ride. We were not sure how she would be since we have not been on a car vacation since she was 6 months.

We set off to the Oakanagan with hopes of sun, lakes and wine. We stopped on the way for a bite to eat and for Lainey to play at the park for a little bit. Also on a side note I don't know why I never posted pictures of this dress I made for Lainey before. I love it, I love the fabric (little red ridding hood) and I love how it looks on her.

 So Lainey makes the cutest face, it is her "Oh, Oh" face. She knows what it means and only says it when it is appropriate. It is hilarious, we love it! 

 Could she be any sweeter? I love this age, 14 months is so perfect! She is always coming up with new things like sounds, words, moves, teeth and so much more everyday. I love spending time with her. I miss her now that she sleeps in her crib, but every opportunity I get I bring her into our bed. lol, I know I know!!! This morning I woke up to her holding my face saying HI! Seriously, there is no better way to wake up:)

 Peaches from Summerland........mmmmmmm
 As soon as we got to the B&B we walked out to the beach. We played on the beach for hours. We all had such a blast. Sandcastles, swimming, laughing.....paradise. 

 We ended the day watching the sunset and playing on the slide and in the playhouse. Lainey had so much fun, she/we just fell in love with this place.

 After Lainey went to bed Trevor and I got to hang out on our patio and drink wine that we picked up at the winery earlier. 

We just loved this resort. It had about a dozen cottages and a main lodging complex, were we stayed. There were swings, slides, climbing structures, a pool, boats, a lake with a beautiful beach and a ton of nice people. At night everyone grabbed a pick-nic table put a table cloth on, lit candles, drank wine, ate and laughed. It was like we were in a movie, it was so perfect. I asked the guy how far in advance do you have to book the cottages for the summer and he said you can't, what!!!! I already had so many plans in my head. Apparently the same family's come back year after year and the summer's are book for years in advance. Well the good news is that we can book the first week of know where to find us next year. I am absolutely in love with this place.

On a side note, I have decided to grow out my bangs, this comes after having bangs for almost 10 years. I am torn between loving not having them and missing them. Feedback please:)


  1. SO beautiful, it does look like paradise...I think we will never get you back on the east coast :)

    Lainey is growing so fast and is beautiful.

    So great that you have wonderful vacations as a family.

  2. Looks like an amazing place, it really does look like a place right out of the movies! Glad to hear you had such a great time! Lainey is turning into quite the lady :)

    ps. I like you with bangs :p

  3. Looks like a great vacay and Lainey had lots of fun too! Sounds like a really cool spot. Thanks for the update!

  4. I want to go there!! It looks amazing & looks like you had such a great time. We will have to join you next Sept :)