Friday, August 12, 2011

Lainey's Room

 As requested by Aunt Julie here are pictures of Lainey's room. Above is where we nurse and snuggle:) Also see the little white night table? Well trevor made that in shop class in junior high! So awesome that it is now Laineys....good thing his mom keeps everything:)

 The bag on the door I made for her crayons and markers! I love it and it really adds to her room.

 This beautiful mobil was made by my talented mom for Lainey's first birthday. We both love it!
 Lainey's night time friends. My mom made pretty much everything in there, minus the teddy aunt Melissa bought her and the pink monkey I bought for her 3 month birthday.
 My favourite picture of Lainey!
This art work was made by my friend for Lainey's first birthday. I love it, she made one for her daughters room and I was admired it so much.
Lainey's room is my favourite place in the house, we all spend so much time in here. 

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  1. Her room is beautiful. You should submit it to this site