Friday, August 19, 2011

Today I caved

I bought Lainey a littler climber/slide! You should of heard her when she got up from nap today and I took her outside. Shrieks of joy! She had so much fun on it!
 Please do not judge her tacky shoes! Lainey has really narrow feet and I had to go buy some more fitting shoes. Totally sucks because I bought so many cute ones on line:(
 Enjoying an afternoon blueberry smoothy with mom.
 A few dresses. This on is my favourite. I made little pockets, inspired from a pic melis showed me.
 Super cute fabric.
 I like all the shades of blue in this fabric.
 I love when I am downloading photos and I find ones Trev took of him and Lainey. Just love them both SO much! (yes thats laundry behind them, don't judge, it will get you no where:))


  1. i dont think her shoes are tacky. Its important for them to fit properly. Love the dresses, you could totally sell them.

  2. Is it awesome when they love what you buy! Never thought I would own all the toys we do...

    The second dress is beautiful!

    Cant wait to see Lainey