Friday, August 19, 2011

Vacay Part 2

Day 2
Started with Lainey and I getting up at the crack of dawn and heading to the beach. She was so happy, the air was crisp and the only sound we heard was her laughter. 

 I love that sleepy face.
 Once Daddy got up we had out breakfast outside. It was so peaceful and perfect.

 Then we headed to another resort for our second night. After spending our first night at the Sandy Lodge, we knew nothing was going to live up to it. 
But we had a good time.....Lainey might of had too much garlic in that mouth full of hummus. lol:)
 But it didn't stop her for going back for more.
 This is Lainey's way of saying, "thanks for offering me a crib but I will sleep her" lol
 She didn't go down easy that night. I guess she knew mom and dad where eating chocolate, which she also enjoyed.
 And that we were drinking some wine we picked up at Jackson Tigger, she did not try any of this.
Day 3
 The next day we played around on our patio. She looks so long and old in this photo.

 Our view from our balcony. 

 She thinks she is so funny when she lays down and says "night night"
 Whenever you ask Lainey where something is and she doesn't know, she does this adorable gesture. 
 Her face is priceless. She is so proud to be walking with her daddy.
 I will never tier of holding her hand and walking, I love it! This picture is from the Mission Hill Winery.

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  1. I just love all the expressions and gestures that little ones make. It is so precious. You vacation sure looks fabulous. I can see why you are looking to next year already.