Saturday, August 13, 2011

Desses and Skirts

After talking with my sis today I had only one thing on my mind. So I went to the fabric store and bought some cute prints to make Lainey some skirts and dresses. The fabric is in the wash and soon I will be able to get started:) Can't wait to see them on her.

 Lainey at the water park on friday. She loved it!

 So much concentration to not spill her little pale of water. 
I love summer and I love having every friday off just Lainey and I. For some reason it feels like a slower day, weekends are always too busy and fridays are only about Lainey and mama:)  


  1. Love the fabric. love to see the fashion show when you come. Your dad and I cant believe how much you look like Melissa in the picture with your glasses on. Thats a good thing!!!! hahha

  2. Love the last picture of you two! So much fun that she can run at the water park now.

    Glad to inspire haha. I like the dark fabric, it is fall like :)