Friday, August 26, 2011

For Peyton on her First Birthday!

 My sis Julie asked me to make her little girl a birthday dress! I am so honoured that she has asked me to make a dress for such a special occasion. Well I got to work right away and made this adorable little dress. I love how it turned out and I can't wait to see it on the birthday girl:) 
 It even has a little button for the closure at the back. I wanted to try something different, something extra special. I found this tutorial, on the most part it was pretty good. I will defiantly be making one for miss Lainey.
 So I bought a cheap hat for Lainey for daycare and everyday I pick her up I think she looks like such a dork.(is that ok to say about your own child?) Anyways I know she's not a dork it is the dorky hat I bought her. So I decided to make her a cute bonnet for daycare. I used softer colors this time. It looks pretty good on her, now she will be a stylish girl at daycare. She already has been told by many other mom's that she is the best dressed kid at the centre:)

 We went to the park this morning. So early we were the only ones there, it was nice we had so much fun!

 Peek a Boo Mom!!! omg she is so adorable I could just eat her! 

New words of the day, dog and sit! There was another and now I can't remember:( I will when I am less tired. 
Night Night as Lainey would say:)


  1. What a nice dress. Cant wait to see it on Peyton. yes, its okay to say your child looks like a dork, as you are the one dressing her so its not her fault.

  2. very cute dress, love the colours!

    Oh Lainey can you get any cuter...she rocks that bonnet :)