Monday, July 4, 2011


Let's start this post with some friendly animals. On fathers day we decided to take Lainey to the Vancouver zoo. We were not too sure what she would think but she absolutely loved it! So much so that she napped for almost 2 hours after (this brining us to 5 o'clock, way too late for naps at the age of one!) 
 These giraffs were amazing, so large and so beautiful. Watching them debark a tree was very cool.

 hahahaha we match;)
 Strawberries! Do you ever have a fresh strawberry and wonder why you buy those garbage ones all year long? I do it every year. But while these are here we will be eating a ton. Lainey has two strawberry bushes in our back yard and she goes to them and picks the berries. I am still trying to teach her only to pick the red ones;)
(Note: the blurry in the picture is a sign that my camera is going to give out any day had:()

 We went Camping! Lainey's first camping trip and I can not believe how good she is. She is such an adaptable baby. She loved being outside, loved being with her cousins, loved staying up until 10pm and sleeping into 9:30, loved playing with her buckets and shovel at the beach and loved hiking.
This is the first time she is on my back in the ergo and she loved it! She talked for a good 30 minutes...non stop... and then feel asleep. (Note too self....don't wear that outfit again!!!!)

 She feel asleep on me at the camp fire! I love her snuggles, I hope she is never to old for snuggles. I was sad for about 2 months, she didn't want to sleep in my arms anymore. Well she does again and I am so happy. She naps with me on the couch or in a chair or in our bed. I love just watching her and feeling her breath, it is heaven. I am not asleep in this photo, my eyes just blinked. 
 Hello mom
 Beautiful campsite

 Her excited face, lol

 Campfire stories. 
Alright so 24 hours later the video still will not upload? How do I upload videos, do I have to shrink them?
Doesn't that make you laugh? She really is just so amazing, we are just so in love with her. Everyday is a new adventure and we feel so lucky to get to watch her grow.

I read this somewhere or heard it somewhere, I don't know, anyhow it plays in my head all the time. This weekend was no different. "Children never remember how clean a house is, they only remember how much fun they had playing with there parents"! Doesn't that just make you feel guilt free when you look around and see the piles of dishes and all the dirty laundry?
Or maybe your magical and you can do it all:)


  1. Absolutely gorgeous campsite! Lainey is looking like such a little grown up her.
    So your camera is dead?

  2. Great pictures of the whole family. Love the scenary. Its so pretty. You are very lucky to enjoy it. Especially love the picture of Lainey sleeping in your arms.

  3. Love the new header picture. It seeems so long ago