Monday, October 17, 2011

Vacation on the east coast

This fall we went back home to visit family. We had the chance to get together with my grandpa and aunts and uncles who we had not seen in a long time. It was so great. I was so happy that they got to meet Lainey. I only wish that I brought my camera to the party:( Here are a few pictures I stole from my mom's camera. 
It was especially nice to see my grandpa. I think of him often and have such wonderful memories about him that it meant a lot that he drove all the way down to see us. I love you grandpa and I hope we can see you again soon:)
 Grandpa and the kunkel girls
 We also got to celebrate Peytons birthday! She was so funny eating her cupcake! I can not believe how easy going she it! Lainey was napping and we never got to take a picture of all of them:( But here they are getting ready for cake.
 Bath time with friends is way more fun.
 Melis she has this smile everyday she plays with her playdoh! She loves playdo right now it is all she wants to do! Thank you.

 Here is the little man of the family. If I could I would take him home with me, I love this kid! He is so awesome and so much fun. 

 Lainey getting right in there to see the animals. lol
 ummm who's her dad......looks like Trevor lol

 Family pic, Colin really wanted to be in it...too cute!

 Me: Colin can I have a big smile.....
 Bowels family photo.
 My 30th birthday! It was the best birthday yet. Dad took us to the vineyards and Niagara on the Lake. It was a such a wonderful day. We tasted wines, ate lots and got to spend time with each other. I wonder what my parents will do next year to top this??

 Check it out, horse drawn carriage rides!
 We were able to sample grapes from the vinyards, they even indicated which grapes where for the type of wine.
 Dad and mom showing Lainey. Cute!

 A couple days later we were off to the zoo!
 Look at her excitement! 
 This is how she runs. lol Arms back make her go faster perhaps?

 Check out the sweater my mom designer and made her, adorable!
 Papa Love! It's pretty amazing how all the little ones just love dad so much!

 Check out how shes looking at him! Love this picture of mom and dad with Lainey.

Sorry it took me forever to write this post. After vacation we had some changes and I got a viral infection that came out on my face so I have been going to the hospital for treatment everyday. I am know finished that treatment and on to a specialist. 
It was so great to see everyone! Wish I had more picture from the first weekend, but I can just take them from Julie and Melis blog.


  1. Great update. We also had a great visit. I will have to think up something great for next year!!!!
    I cant believe how much Morgan looks like Trevor. Spooky!!!!
    The picture of Colin joining your family photo is cute, but did you notice Jason also got into the act!!!!

  2. what a great trip! There are so many great pictures and memories :)