Monday, March 7, 2011

Long time coming!

I feel like I have been trying to take this photo and write this post for months. I finally got outside and took a photo today. I completed this quilt last October and I am still just so pleased with how it turned out. I love the colors and the pattern (baby cakes by Georgette Dell'Orco) was so fun to make and utilized one layer cake. The fabric is moda but I can not remember which line it is. The quilt is pretty big, approximently 62"x79". I was thinking about keeping it but I am going to put it up in my etsy shop.

I put this up for Trevor he thought it was pretty funny to catch a shot of me doing this.
The back is in a grey/purple color that is two toned. This picture shows how it is quilted.

Love this quilt! 


  1. Gorgeous, the detail and colours are beautiful!!


  2. Oh and Love the outside pics, you should use those on etsy.

    Is this the one we fell for at the quilt store a long time back?

  3. Nice job C! I agree, the outdoor shots are awesome!

  4. Love the colors. Great quilt