Monday, March 28, 2011

10 Months!

Lainey turned 10 months on friday! She is such a little girl now. I know know she's still a baby but she has so much personality that we think of her more as a little girl. She is amazing, I know I am bias, but really she is so incredible. 
Things Lainey loves: 
She absolutely LOVES people, especially other children. Every time she sees people she smiles, shrieks and waves. Most people wave back but gosh some people are grumpy and don't wave back. Lainey usually keeps trying and her face looks so confused, poor thing.
She recently started feeding me, while I am feeding her. It usually means, "I'm not hungry anymore, you eat it mom!" :)
Loves kisses, if she sees Trevor and I smooching then she makes the sound and sucks her lips, if we both kiss her she starts laughing.
Loves hide n' seek. She loves putting everything over her head and waiting for us to look for her. She really likes when we all go under the blanket, like we are in a tent. I hope this means she is going to love camping this summer.

She's still not interested in tv, although sometimes when I am a lame mom I try to get her interested. Why am I lame? Well another thing she still dislikes is sleeping. Surprise. I loved co-sleeping with her in the begging and I have to admit I still love it most of the time. But now she hates her crib and only wants to sleep with me. I can see her being 3 and still sleeping with me (this is not what I want, but what I predict.) 
I am really starting to think about her first birthday party. Does anyone have any do's and don'ts?  


  1. Happy 10 months Lainey. You sure are looking more like a little girl than a baby now. So sweet.

  2. Ahhhh love the last pic of Lady Lainey (and you too!)! What a cuty pie! Here is my birthday tip: Give your camera to someone else so you can get a bunch of good family shots of the 3 of you! :o(
    Wish we had. Otherwise, have easy foods and everything ready to go, so you can enjoy the day with Lainey.

  3. Happy 10 months!

    Agree with jk, make everything ready so you can enjoy and also ask someone to videotape the giving of the cake :)


  4. I just thought of a birthday tip. Have it in OTTAWA....

  5. I was thinking the same thing! Well actually at the great wolfe lodge :))))

  6. Oh wow that would be a cool idea! Look into it Melis and let me know what we are looking at, I will then run it by Trev.