Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Best days!

I feel like I am constantly reminded that this dream is going to come to an end. Having Lainey and being off for 9 months is absolutely amazing. So far this has been by far the happiest time in my life so why does it have to end? That work thing that we all have to go to is really a pain in the..... I know it is only temporary and that soon I will be able to take a couple of years off and live the dream life. Here are a couple of pictures of us hanging out. 
I love the picture above, Lainey loves the stare-down.
It is getting hard to get pictures of her, she always blinks right before the flash, she knows what is coming. I have to play with my camera and set it up so when there is no flash it won't blur out.
She is so obsessed with eyes. She needs to touch everyones eyes. I am trying to teach her to be gentle but I don't think she gets it. When we read story books she needs to point out all the eyes on every page, it is pretty cute.
A beautiful sweater from grandma. I absolutely just LOVE it! She has already worn it a dozen times and we have only had it for a week. It has defiantly become the go to sweater. We are always asked where we got it and that is just so beautiful. Thanks mom:)
Also my sister Melissa commissioned me to make her a play quilt (a quilt she can leave on the floor for her little ones to play on). Of course I was delighted to do so. One of the best parts is that she buys the material and ships it to my house and you all know how much I love receiving fabric in the mail. My fabric hoarder self really wanted to keep a little piece of each material but there was just nothing left over.
Both sides are done with big blocks. Love the color pallet, it was a fabricworm bundle.
Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. Love the sweater on her. You are very welcome and can keep putting in your requests

  2. Those are so awesome pictures of the two of you! I love them.

    Oh and not the same but once back to work...the feeling you get when you are going to pick them up at the end of the day is amazing and the way they look at you and demand a hug!!! I used to love that :)


  3. Love her attacking you! And love the quilt! Your very talented.