Monday, March 14, 2011

Hello Wanda:)

Meet Wanda! This is Lainey's new friend:) I made her today and she turned out pretty cute. I got the pattern from I love naptime. Great new blog that I found today. I wish I knew what naptime was, Lainey has not been sleeping at all:(
I think she likes her.
Lainey's new thing is to play peek-a-boo with toys, she puts them over her face and then moves them above her head and smiles/laughs, I love it.
You can really see her little smile cracking out in this shot.
I have almost finished 3 quilts last week. I just have to put the binding on. I will show more pictures when they are done.
Lainey finished her swimming classes this week. Both Trevor and Lainey have really enjoyed it. Trevor is a little sad it is over and is defiantly going to do it again. The swimming pool is so cool. There is a huge water slide and a lazy river with jets! Awesome!
Lainey and her little friend Claire hanging out:) They are so cute together. I wish I got a picture in there matching swimsuits.

I love Trevors face in this picture. I can just feel how much he loves her, brings a smile to my face.
Lainey finally likes when we read to her. We have been trying since she was born but she had no interest. Now she sits and listens and points things out. 
Hope everyone has a great week, I am hoping to so a lot of relaxing!


  1. I love Lainey and Wanda!! How the heck do you have time to make quilts and now toys for the babe??
    Lainey is adorable hiding behind her toy.

  2. you should see my house jen, it is a total mess and I don't care. Something had to give and that was the only thing I was willing to give up.

  3. I love wanda, hello wanda, lol!

    Beautiful pic of her reading with trev and the swimming is too cute, she looks like the star of her class with that bathing suit!

    You need to move back before the age of dance classes...imagine all the cousins doing it together!


  4. Thanks for the beautiful bathing suit auntie:)

    Omg that would be so cute, if all three of them took dance class together, just like you and I did:)

  5. congratulations on passing your swimming Lainey.

    If you all do dance classes I would help with the costumes.

  6. Awesome toy!!! Your so talented Christna! I LOVE the peekaboo. She's adorable peeking through the toy ... The smile!

  7. Darling whale, and DARLING girl!

    Might have to make one of those (the whale, not the girl) for my little dude. Thanks for the link!

  8. You have been busy... Totally cute whale! and many finished lovely quilts too!