Sunday, February 27, 2011

9 months

We celebrated Lainey's 9 months on friday. I really can not believe she is already 9 months already. We really do enjoy watching her grow and develop and learn. She loves to stand all the time now and to climb all over us if we are anywhere near her. For the first time today I found her sitting up in her crib, I have never seen her go from laying on her back to sitting up. She loves any food we give her and still loves late night snuggles. She is an amazing little person and I feel truly blessed to have her in my life, even at 2am, 3am, 4am...... 
I am going to the playgroup at the nurses office tomorrow so I will be able to check her stats out. I know she is healthy and that is all that matters, we just want to see if we should be getting the next size car-seat.
I have made some blocks for a friend's little girl and I thought I would see what Lainey thinks of them, a few of them are for her. She really likes them, I think I am going to make a couple a little smaller for her too.

 On friday I took Lainey to the park, no one was there! I guess here in Vancouver they thought it was cold, I thought it was a beautiful day:) She tried the swing. She has been on it before with me but never by herself. She was more interested in looking around then the actual motion of the swing. We will go back and hopefully there will be other little ones there for her to play with.
 Check out her scarf! I wish I had a cool scarf like that!
 I just love this shot of her and Trevor! And yup, Lainey's mouth is full of food.
 Family photo for 9 months! 
 Beautiful hate grandma bought for Lainey!
My goal is to slow down and really enjoy each moment more, the dishes will still be there, the laundry will get done eventually but in the meantime I am going to play with my little girl and watch her grow. Happy 9 months Lainey you are adorable and we love you!


  1. beautiful post, happy 9 months lainey!!
    She is looking so old, but adorable of course.
    did you make the scarf?


  2. love the blocks. did you put interfacing in them?
    happy 9 months sweetie...

  3. I put interfacing in one but took it out, made it to hard, not good for throwing. The soft ones are awesome. Sold them all:)

  4. happy 9 months lainey!
    love the blocks, beautiful fabric
    shes adorable!