Monday, February 14, 2011


 Happy Valentines day everyone! For Lainey's first Valentine's day we made a couple of special people foot print Valentine's! Then we made Trevor some pj's! They are pretty funny and I don't know if he will ever wear them but it was fun to make them. I originally bought the material right after Lainey was born. I was so in love with her and wanted to get my hands on anything with hearts and that said love. After having a baby it is an indescribable love you feel and it make you do crazy things. Anyways I showed it to my sister Melis and she pointed out that it said soulmates, how sad for Lainey if she had to grow up thinking I was her soulmate, lol. Anyways who else could I use it for other than Trevor, right? And I had to make something that he might wear in private. It was a learning experience as I did not use a pattern.
 There was a beautiful sunset the other night! We caught it just in time as it only lasted a few minutes.

Tonight Trevor and I are having our take in from our favourite indian restaurant and Lainey and I are going to make chocolate covered strawberries. mmm
Hope everyone gets to spend the day with people they love!


  1. Great Valentine you girls made!
    The pants make me laugh :O
    Happy Valentines Day!

  2. Nice pants, he wouldnt model them for the blog, bahahaha!

    Love the backdrop in the pictures, gorgeous!

  3. Love the sunset pictures. I think Trevor should model his pants for us!!!