Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Quilt for a couple of dogs

To start with we are all finally better!!! Trev and I were saying that we have not been that sick in years, probably at least a decade (wow we are old;)) It is so nice to have our happy little girl back, oh how we missed those smiles. Second off, I would really like one day to be able to choose one photo of Lainey to put up. Trust me I do narrow it down, but I guess I just think she is just so sweet that I love every picture. And last off Melissa asked me to make a dog quilt for Bosco and Annabelle. What lucky dogs eh? So here it is, Lainey is showing you the back side in this photo.

 Hey Melis, remember that photo I took of Colin at this same age? Super cute, love the angle.
 hehehe look at her teeth yet, we are in no rush but I am sure they will be cute when they to come.
 Also Lainey can move. I would not call it crawling, it is hard to describe but I will try. She does it from a sitting position and she leans forward onto her hands and pulls a little and then sits back up. It takes her a long time to get anywhere but she is learning. She really likes when I put her on all fours and help her crawl. She can also get around by wiggling backwards and in circles. 
Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. wow it looks awesome, maybe too nice for the dogs, lol...
    And that cute baby does she come with :)))

    Love that angle! Glad she is feeling better and back to her old self and that you guys are better too!

    Auntie M

  2. I agree, too nice for dogs!!! We used to call that baby move "scooting". Just wait, it wont be long and she will be EVERYWHERE!!! Glad you are all feeling better. Its about time. You wont come East again in fear of the germs....