Wednesday, February 23, 2011


About a year ago I went to Babies to Bellies when I was pregnant with little Lainey. A couple of weeks later I got a little something in the mail. It was a gift card to Fruit Kids, a clothing store for babies and children. I have looked at the website and I didn't love anything at first but then recently I found this jacket and thought it would be good for Lainey for the spring. I used my gift certificate and only had to pay $18. The picture does not do it justice, it a beautiful jacket, can't wait for spring:)
Look at the inside....beautiful! 
 Haha Lainey makes the funniest faces! Also grandma made this sweater and she just had it stored in a closet because she didn't like it but it looks awesome on Lainey.
 Look at that lip! comment!
 Ahhh my sweet girl.
 Also I made this quilt for my sister's little one. I wanted to make a special quilt when she was born but I didn't have time so I gave her one I had. This one was made special for her and matches her mobile that I made for her. It measures 36"x36", I am going to make similar ones for the Preemies.
 This is the back.
 Oh and check out the little snail scooting around. 
 Look who likes to stand all by herself. She can pull herself up and then just hangs out.

Our little girl is going to be 9 months on friday, and although I am so happy that she is growing and is so healthy and happy, I just feel like it is going by to fast. Oh and new this week she can WAVE!!! I can't believe it but when people wave at her she waves back, so cute!


  1. Love the backing and binding! It is a beautiful quilt, cant wait for her to have it.

    The coat is adorable.

    Love all the faces she makes, adorable


  2. The facial expressions are so sweet. I can't beleive that she is pulling herself up! Good job Lainey!