Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Basic Charity Challenge.

I read a blog tonight and became very inspired. I often think about those in need but not very often do I do anything about it. Tonight after reading on Cara's blog about the basic Charity Challenge, I did something. I emailed a local guild and offered to donate a couple of quilts to there Preemie Quilt Program. They donate  hundreds of quilts to the preemies born at the woman and children's hospital. This is were Lainey was born and we were very lucky that she was healthy and got to come home after just a week. Other's are not as lucky. We had a very positive experience at this hospital, the nurses and doctors were all amazing but sometimes you need a little more. I hope that the quilts I make bring a baby warmth.
I am posting this in hope that you go over to Cara's blog and get inspired too!
Have a great weekend:)

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