Saturday, May 12, 2012


What happens when you don't update your blog in 2 months? Your family hounds you and you end up with an overload of photos to choose from. I have only choose I selection of photos, some favourites. 
The weather has been amazing here. So warm. We live outside now, if I can get Lainey to stay inside for a half hour after waking up in the morning I am lucky. I might actually tan this year:) 
We go on lots of walks and these days she can out run me! Not saying much for me is it?
This photo is from today, she is in her new dress Auntie Julie bought, it's adorable. She wore it to a quilt show, how appropriate. 

 She is also potty trained now!!!! I can't believe how amazing it feels to say that. She did awesome and I am so proud of her. She has had one pee accident in a week. She is now 2 weeks trained. She is doing better and better with the number 2 situation. Anyways the method I used suggested having prizes if they need that extra encouragement. So we decided to do that every time she went for a number 2 on the potty. This is the shirt she got as a prize! She loves grover. We have so many Sesame Street books, I still can't find it on the tv. Must be on in the early morning. She wore the shirt two days in a row. Cute!!! Also we had to buy it from the boys section, isn't sesame street for everyone?

 She giggles non stop. This is us looking in the mirror, apparently it's pretty funny. haha

 You know those days, work days I think people call them, well we spend those days at the ocean with friends enjoying the sunshine. We are so lucky to be able to do this and on days like this we really appreciate it.
 Going for an evening walk in the forest. Hahaha she is so bundled up and insisted on wearing a hat. She laughed the entire time and ran most the way. It is pretty funny.
 Playing "night night" is one of her favourite games. She gets everyone a blanket and pillow and we all play. 

Wow brother and sister or cousins! Love this picture of them. 
 Her first easter egg hunt. So nice she got to do it with all her cousins:)
 Well hello beautiful!!! Look at those eyes! She such a cutie.
 Lainey at her birthday party in Ottawa. The only picture I took. But thanks to Jen I have a bunch now.
 Great picture of mom and dad with the kids:)
 Monkey has to have fun at the park too:)
 Also one of my favourite pictures Lainey has ever made!!! She had such concentration while making this. She started in the centre with circles and then worked her way around.
Hopefully my next post won't be in months! 
Hope all you awesome moms out there that have helped me become a better mother have a great day tomorrow!


  1. I love all the pictures! Beautiful little girl.
    Umm is that a character shirt, like Elmo...tacky, bahaha, sound familar?


  2. Love her in the dress Julie gave her. The hat goes great with it. So cute, I bet you got alot of compliments. Amazing how much her and Colin look alike. Could be siblings. Great post ( and about time!!!)hahah