Friday, May 25, 2012

Lainey on her 2nd Birthday

To my perfect little girl on her second birthday.
You have changes our lives and made your father and I happier then we could have ever imagined. You are full of life, laughter and love. I adore you more than I can ever describe in words but I hope that I show you everyday. 
We hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!
 Breakfast with mom and dad
 Here I asked her if I could take a picture of her dress for Gamma and this is what she does! She is so silly!
 22 degrees out but she loves her spring jacket. I have to try to convince her that it is to hot but she shivers and says "cold"
 Time for ice cream!
 Yum Yum, Messy Messy!

 Her water table. Big hit! She loved it even more when her cousins came over to play. 

 Ahhh I just love that face with a tilted head.
 Oh and today I am 32 weeks (8 months). Click HERE to see what I looked like at 33 weeks with Lainey. Wow I am sure glad I discovered H&M maternity. My style has changed a bit. Oh and I have a feeling it is a boy. I feel I am carrying a bit differently. I also think we will have more than just 2, I know I said no more after being sick for 5 months. But really 5 months of sickness for years of joy:) Also on this note I am still not sure of names. I just love George for a boy, I really like Henry but George is just so cute. I also can't decide between Chloe and Norah. Trev likes Henry and Chloe and is not sure about the others. I don't think we will decided till the baby is born. That's how we did it with Lainey and it worked out perfectly:)
Tomorrow is her birthday party at the park. The weather is going to be beautiful. Everything is ready and I can't wait to see her excitement!

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  1. You look awesome Chris!! Like maybe even better than with Lainey!
    I love all the pictures, would love one of your family for my new home :)
    Glad she had such a great birthday, she deserves it.

    Auntie M