Friday, May 25, 2012

Just shy of her 2nd Birthday

 Just a few photos that I couldn't resist sharing.
Look at those cheeks I just can't help but squeeze her and kiss her all the time. Don't worry she loves it and can't get enough either:)
 This picture blows me away with how grown up and beautiful she is. This is our morning routine, banana and cartoons!
 Say cheese!!!
 Her hair is in a ponytail. We went for a walk, longer than she could handle with no stroller. She walks all the time but I guess she likes the option of having the stroller to relax in for 10 minutes on an hour walk. I hate pushing a stroller and chasing her at the same time, so lately I have just not took the stroller.
These pictures are her taking breaks on a rock asking me to get the camera. She never wants her picture taken so she must have been looking for an excuse to relax, lol. 

 Also it's been awhile since I have taken any quilting photo's. I am going to do an update of what I have made, including Lainey's birthday quilt, soon:) 
This quilt is for a young man and his twin bed. The top is not completely finished but I love it! I am making one for him and his sister and Lainey thinks they are both so pretty. She tells me every time she see's them. Funny thing is I give her the quilt for her birthday and she just walked away! Hahaha

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  1. 2nd and 3rd pics are my fav! Love her little face.

    The quilt looks nice, reminds me of my play quilt from you