Friday, March 2, 2012

5 months and a little in between

 Oh Lainey how you fill each day with so much Joy. Honestly I am so lucky to be able to hang out with her everyday. There is always a new word or action. So much fun just to watch her.
 She loves to paint! I hate to clean up. lol Bad combination. 
 Life is good when you live 10 minutes from the ocean. Oh and Trevor and his dad have the EXACT same walk, lol.
 Love love love this picture below.

 1,2,3, jump......
 Sweater dress, so cute.
 Lainey would wear sunglasses 24/7. She calls them "gasses".

 Trev and I had a day on the mountain snowshoeing. It was so refreshing. 
 Don't you just want to eat up that cuteness.
 Happy Valentines day! Trev surprised Lainey and I with an edible bouquet. It was delish.
 Oh course Lainey loved it.
 Ducks are her thing. She just loves them. We go for walks and feed them a couple times a week. Some of them come right up to the fence and eat the bread from her hand.
Thats when she doesn't eat all the bread herself. lol

Love this guy! He has had to do a lot (everything) these last few months and he never complains. Sure sometimes it takes longer than I'd like, lol but he shows both Lainey and I how much he loves us everyday. 
 A little girls first trip to a cupcake shop. 
 She really enjoyed it.
 She melts my heart, so sweet. 

 She picked out these glasses at the store. I could tell she fell in love with them right away. There a little big and yes she wears them in the house all the time. But she is just so adorable how could I say no?

 And today marks 5 months pregnant!!! We also had an ultrasound today which was pretty awesome. Wow it is so amazing to see a little baby, I can't believe I have to go another 20 weeks before I see him or her again. (oh and these are my h&m maternity them)
Things I love that Lainey says:
She say's circle and turns/runs in circle until she is so dizzy. lol
When ever I sing she dances with a huge smile on her face.
Every morning when she gets up she announces that she has a poo-poo and that she wants a banana and cartoons. (I love that every morning I can do that, that we can cuddle on the couch for as long as she wants)
Her favourite song is "quack quack went the little ducky"
She knows we have a baby coming and that it is in mommies belly. I tell her when the baby comes she is going to have to help me for a bit but when the baby gets bigger it will be a her friend. She shrieks with joy.
She likes to make choices. She will ask if she can picky? This can be anything from a book to a drink.
She won't dump anything without saying dumpy? and wait for a response. This includes puzzels, her bag of markers, her stamps, play-dou.
She loves the bath, she would have 5 a day if we let her. She started to like her swimming lessons too:) 
She is absolutely amazing and so much fun to be around. Now that I am feeling better I am trying to enjoy every second. 
Hope everyone has a great weekend:)


  1. You look fantastic! Nice prego belly! Glad that you are starting to feel better. I really like the photos on the beach, I'll trade you a day by the ocean for beaver tail and canal anyday!! So sweet with all the glasses. Great update, can't wait to see you.

  2. Love the pictures with her ponytails. She sure is a beautiful child. Love her.
    You are looking very good yourself. The picture of just you is really nice.

    I bet she loved the cupcakes store...

  3. You look awesome chris! those jeans look fantastic.

    Lainey is beautiful...such a little girl and she is like a little celebrity baby with her nice clothes and glasses, haha.
    Beautiful family