Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A few more Birthday Photo's

These last couple of days I have been exhausted! I just can not find any energy, I really hope it comes back before the end of my pregnancy. Lainey was having an off day today so we took it easy and hung out at home....oh and enjoyed an ice cream cone:) 
 All while watching Happy Feet! I just can not get over how much she loves this movie. She has never been interested in anything on tv as much as this. It is so cute to watch her get up and dane with the penguins. 
 This is her birthday quilt I made her. I started it when she was probably 6 months old. I wanted to give it to her for her birthday, so I finished it up. I really love it and all the colors. Lainey on the other hand could careless. She does how ever tell me how pretty the other 2 I am working on are. lol:) 
 This is the back of the quilt. I did not realize until seeing this picture that the pattern makes an I, you know for Ive!! Kind of cute.
 I love spring/summer! We get to go to the park and hang out doors all the time. It is amazing to watch how much she has grown and changed in one year. Last year this park was so frustrating for both of us. This year she loves it and I sit on edge because it is still a little big for her. 
Trev and I took her to a similar park the other night. In a blink of an eye she was hanging from the bar at the top of a very high slide yelling, "hanging!!". She is fearless and wants to try everything, I am so proud of her for this but at the same time I am so scared.

 I love when she plays music and sings while bobbing her head:)

 A few from her birthday party. It might look like she's the only one there but trust me she had a couple of friends. She had so much fun and was so excited to have her friends at the park playing with her. A park birthday party was just perfect for her and I will hear her giggle from that day forever.
 All the kids went on the teeter totters at once. It was really cute to see them all so excited.
 This is me asking Lainey if I can take her photo in her birthday dress. She said, "Ya" and laid down...thanks:)
 Love balloons and kids in fields! 
Lainey actually talks about her party and you can see her face light up. After the party Trevor said that he too had so much fun and he could hang out with her all day at the park, that it's just so exciting to see her so happy. She really did have a great day!
Also she had her 2 year check up and is awesome. She weighs in at 26.5 lbs and 33.75". A healthy little tot. 
Her potty training is going really well. She does not wear diapers at all anymore, not even to sleep. Oh it is really nice not to have to buy diapers:) Funny thing she prefers to do business number two out of the house. This includes nature trails (don't worry we pick it up) or rest stops. I can't figure it out. Trevor thinks maybe because when she's home she knows she can just get changed, I don't know?

If you ask her a question she doesn't want to answer she will say, "No, Yes, Maybe..." It's pretty funny.
I love when I am carrying her just thinking about a million things she takes her head tilts it, puts it in my face and smiles. Always let's my worries drift away. 
When we try to nap together these days, she always puts her head on my pillow as close to my face as she can. When I open my eyes she has the biggest smile on her face. Then my heart melts and I just end up playing games with her. I think napping together is coming to an end:( I will really miss it but at least I have it as a memory. 
Baby update...The baby (which the doctor calls a boy because of his fast heart rate) is head down and ready to go. We are 33 weeks this week. If the baby is early like Lainey that is only 3 1/2 weeks to go. Wow I can't believe it, we have a lot to do before this little ones arrival. I keep wondering if I will be early again. I want the baby to come when he/she is ready and healthy. I am also so uncomfortable all the time. I don't remember feeling like this last time. I actually weigh less then I did with Lainey at this time and measure the same. But feel a million times huger. 
We are making the baby closet bedroom. I will post some pictures once it's done. I am so excited to do this!! 

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  1. So much like her mom...fine taste in Quilts (not that her birthday one isnt beautiful, just that she has a "style" already), LOVES parties! Hahaha

    I love how you write about your relationship with her, one day looking back she will love to read this.

    Auntie M