Friday, June 22, 2012


So it is officially Summer!!! We have had one nice day in the last couple weeks, every other day turns into rain. Here's what we have been up too.
A visit to the farm....Lainey loves ducks and feeding them. She seemed to really enjoy the farm but is still hesitant of a lot of the animals.
 One of her favourite things was to wash her hands. The sink was so convent for the kids, they had total control.
 She also really enjoyed theses mini tractors you could rent.

 So did dad, lol:)

We have been cuddling a lot these days. She has two top teeth coming in and just is not her self. I am enjoying the non stop cuddles before the baby comes. Although that is not leaving me much time to get my to do list done.
 Colors and some fabric for the babies closet nursery! We were going to paint the walls in the purple but instead we are going to use paint we already have and use these colors for accent colors.
 Lainey loves her grover Trev picked out for her birthday present. He comes everywhere.
 She has also really been enjoying her playmobil. Which I really enjoy too! This is her setting up a group of people to take the baby for a walk. So cute!
 A few photos I love

 Hanging out on Granville Island, eating sushi, chasing birds and listening to music:)

Things I never want to forget:
How lainey gallops like a horse:) Making a horse sound.
The way she just adores Trevor lately. Huge hugs.
Trevor teaching her how to make paper airplanes and flying them. The way she makes them my scrunching paper and throwing paper in the air.
Every evening after Lainey goes to bed how Trevor and I share all the amazing/funny things that Lainey has done that day.
How she looks forward to hanging out with "friends". It is so cute:) She has also meet some friends across the street who she loves to play with all the time.

I have more pictures to post but my computer is not cooperating:( 
Also we are 36 weeks today, Lainey was born 5 days from this time. eeek we are so excited to meet this little person. Can't wait to find out if it is a boy or girl. I am pretty sure it is a boy. This pregnancy was so different from my pregnancy with Lainey. I do believe I am carrying differently, no nose bleeds,  no leg cramps in the middle of the night. But also harder time breathing (could be because I have a little girl squishing me all day:), very stiff and sore. Weight gain to date is only 5lbs. I know it seems so strange, it was the same with Lainey I gained a total 8lbs. The baby measures correct according to weeks and is the same that Lainey was. Also the doctor believes it is a boy because of the heart rate.
Our names for baby (as of today)
Boy: Henry James Ive
Girl: Norah Hazel Ive

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. Great Post! What a beaufiful grown up little girl. I miss you both so much! Love the names, I think it is Henry too. She is so sophitsticated eating sushi, haha.
    Auntie M

  2. You should put the pictures of Lainey and her Dad riding the tractors on the wall side by side. Its so cute. Do you realize that Henry's initials will be HI. Funny....
    Everytime I see pictures of Lainey she looks so much older. How does that happen?
    Cant wait for my visit!!!!