Tuesday, October 18, 2011


What happens when you do not post anything for a month? You get days and days of updated photos! First of all arn't these two super cute! This is a picture of them dancing to there song after a nice dinner, I only hope that Trevor and I are this happy after years of marriage. What amazing role models. 
 Lainey in the plane. All I say is NEVER fly with a 16 month old!!!
 Trev captured this picture as we were coming into Vancouver. It is of Mount Baker, which is a volcano. 

So much character, everyday is so much fun. 
 Lainey's hat she picked out, looks so cute. (Sorry I didn't edit a lot of these photos:()
 She loves her cousin so much. Her face lights up when you say his name. He even lets her play with him and his little friends. She is so lucky to have him. He loves her a lot too:)
 At the aquarium, she looks so smug. lol Those are the pants I made her. They turned out pretty great and they are reversible. 
 Pumpkin patch number one. She wanted to take them all home. lol
 I love this beautiful little face.

 These skirts are pretty cute too, I will defiantly be making more.
 I could watch her play forever. 

 Hahaha this picture is awesome, Trev looking amazing Lainey insisting she needs to cary her bag. This picture puts a big smile on my face.
 oh my gosh!!! She thinks she is so funny sitting in my bean pot. Hahaha she is:)
 Pumpkin Patch 2

 She loved the tractor, she screamed when she had to get off, I think she could have stayed on it forever, this might be her future.

Hope you enjoyed the photo overload.


  1. Love her sitting in the bean pot. So cute.
    You should have added that your father had a "bit" of wine before the dance. He never dances..

  2. Want to comment on so many...

    the one with her and trev looks like a celebrity siting! haha

    Pumpkin patch pictures=adorable!

    Love your hat, so stylish...I want one!

    Lainey reminds me of colin SO much...free spirit :)

    And ummm Mom and Dad are so cute!