Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween:)

 Honestly I could not have imagined such a wonderful little girl. She fills everyday with happiness and today, Halloween, was no different. Her dad and I watched her in wonder tonight as she ran house to house collecting candy, balloons and play doh. She understood the concept after just one house and all our hearts filled with joy watching her face light up. I love this little lamb more than I can ever express.
 The hat was purchased off etsy and is beautiful, I really need to learn how to crochet. The body suit was made by yours truly:) The pants and shirt are bought. I think next year she is going to be a mouse so we can use the hat again:)
 Standing proud with her cousins. We went out with her cousins and there friends. I was very surprised that her cousin Jada did not even care that her friends were there, she knew Lainey wanted to hang out with her and she went door to door holding her hand and caring her. What a sweet heart.

 Taking a little break:)

 In action

We had such a great time. Before tonight I debated bringing her because no one here needs the candy but I am truly glad that we did because she had so much fun and that is all that counts. 
I hope Trevor eats the candy because I really do not need it:)
Hope everyone had a great Halloween.


  1. Love her costume!
    That is so cute that she already got it...must be like her mom :)

  2. Love the whole costume. She is so cute. That is funny that she "go it" already. Its amazing what they figure out so quickly. I really like the hat also. You definetly should use it again.