Saturday, November 12, 2011

A few little projects

Hey Grandpa anything look familiar???? This is my grandmothers shirt. On my last visit to Toronto my grandpa brought some of there old clothes for me, awesome!!! So as soon as I saw this I had a great idea.  
 To turn it into this! A little dress. I love the way it turned out. The only thing is I made it a little too small. I think it would fit a girl wearing 12 months clothes:( So Jules if Peyton is please let me know and I will send it to you. If not I will save it for when we have another baby.
 Close up of the buttons on the front top.
 A new pair of cozy flannel pants for Lainey. So soft and vintage/ pj looking haha. 
 A little quilt from the "swoon" pattern. I just made one block but I plan to make a whole quilt of it. It is beautiful, I love this pattern.
 Love this girl! She likes saying cheese now, the only thing is we have a cheap camera that is so slow I miss all the smiles and drive her crazy trying to take a million pictures:( She likes to sit on this new quilt and wrap herself in it. I am using it as a table topper but she plays with it.
 Sewing machine cover. I have wanted to make this for awhile now and I am so glad I did. Since the sewing machine is on our table which is in our, dining room/ computer room/ tv room/ toy room, it needs to look nice when I am not using it. This makes me so happy when ever I see it:)

 This kid loves play-dou. She will play it for a very long time. We got an amazing bucket of it from Costco, such a great price. I recommend it. It was suppose to be her Christmas gift but she was sick and need something special. I really shouldn't buy Christmas presents early because I get to excited and I want to share it with the person I bought it for. 

 Lainey in the awesome hat Grandma made. I really need to take more pictures now that her hand foot mouth disease is gone. Thank goodness so gross.
 Cup Cozy's! I love these I made myself one out of the material from a few post ago and I use it all the time. 
I have also made a couple of other things I forgot to photograph. A thread catcher for when I am sewing, let me tell you it is so great. A scarf for my sister for her birthday and I loved it so much I made one too. Some Kleenex holders for on the go. Curtains for my kitchen, I have a love hate issue with them. Can't decide if they look too crafty, does that make sense? I have also started making all the Christmas presents, I am doing a handmade Christmas:)
Hope everyone enjoys there weekend.

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