Friday, April 1, 2011

Face lift!

No No not for me:) I am only 29, anyway I don't think I would ever do that, I would rather spend my money on fabric!
But Wanda got a face lift. It was much needed for safety reasons. It is now an unsupervised toy. She also got a friend, but the friend is going to be given to one of Lainey's friends. Wanda II is made from left over quilting material. I had to make a quilt an exact size so once I trimmed it down I was left with a big chunk of material. I like the different fabrics in wanda II.

I also made Lainey a little easter present. Meet Babbity Bunny! I think that is the name of a bunny in one of her books? Lainey saw her and wanted her, but she is going to have to wait a couple of weeks. 

A few things I like about Babbity is that her bow and whiskers add texture. And that her base is wide so she can stand on her own. Would make for a cute bowling set;)

I also forgot to introduce you to earl the elephant from way back. The day I made Wanda, Trevor came home and loved it and got an idea to make one. So he searched and decided an elephant would be best. It turned out pretty cute:)

And here is a picture of Lainey in her new dress from yesterday. This one is a bit bigger, so it should fit her in July/August. Also it matches perfectly with her new Agoo legs (they are like babylegs), awesome!! 

I also finished a quilt. It is in the dryer right now! I will show it as soon as there is a sunny day for a photo:)


  1. Wanda 2 rocks!! The mixed material looks great.
    Adorable girl and dress :) Looking forward to seeing her soon.

  2. love all the toys, very cute fabric.
    Looks like a little curl of hair in the back! It's really growing!

  3. omg Jules her hair is crazy! IT always looks so messy. I try to comb it but it is really curly. I hope when it is a little longer it is more manageable.

  4. You two can start a toy company. You can be the boss and then you wont have to go out to work. sound good!!! Cute dress.

  5. too cute! i guys should start a toy company.

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