Thursday, April 21, 2011

Handmade Easter

Probably the only good thing about living far away from family, is that we receive presents in the mail! This week we received two presents for easter. I can not believe the talent of my family members. I have a whole new appreciation for handmade gifts after I started quilting. 

Aunt Julie made the most beautiful basket of eggs. And some of the eggs rattle. She really confused Lainey, she shakes them and if they don't make noise she looks at it and try's again. lol I just pass her one that does and she laughs.
She looks drunk here, (she's not:)) she sure enjoyed playing with them today.
 Grandma made gorgeous little knit animals. I put them in her crib and she seems to really like them. My favourite is the bunny, the detail on it is incredible. 
 Lainey playing with them.
 An easter dress and shrug. Grandma made the shrug, it is so soft. I think she is going to wear it when we go visit the easter bunny on saturday. 
 And a hat from grandma. It fits perfect with room to grow. It is also a good shot of her teeth coming in.
 I took a scrap of ribbon and tied it in Lainey's hair today, love stuff in her hair. I have bought her few things and it is very addicting. The good thing is that she leaves it in:)
 Love that giggle.
 Sporty Lainey. Yesterday I had no time to shower so I sported a headband and she wanted one too:) I think she looks pretty cute, love how her ear flips.
 Look at those eyes, so big, so blue.
Thank you for all your wonderful gifts, we love you guys!!!! And miss you so much. 
I hope everyone has a wonderful easter with there families. 


  1. She looks like you in the picture with the hair ribbon.
    Love the headbands pictures, makes me laugh!

    I'll pretend I didnt see the easter gifts :))

    Cannot wait to see her...she looks so big now

  2. ahhh you and your crafty family!!! Everything is adorable!! Lainey is such a happy girl. Looks like a good Easter!
    Miss you,