Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Weekend away.

 What a relaxing weekend away, too bad all the same troubles/worries are still here when we got back. Above are the new spring bibs I made for Lainey. I decided late friday night, right before we went away, that she really needed new bibs. Her old ones were getting too dirty and they are too small. I love the fabric, so springy! I have had the fabric for a few years and never used it! 
Don't they look cute on her! She makes such a mess when she eats. She likes to make sure that we are eating the same thing. She looks back and forth between her tray and our plate before she begins to eat. 
 Lainey, "Seriously mom? You are so lame!" 
 Lainey, "Alright fine! Just one photo though." 
lol this photo kills me!
 Another BC Ferry passing us. This happened on the way there and on the way back, what gives?

 She loves this ball.
 Mornings at the cabin where amazing. We made a fire, had coffee, read and relaxed. I wish every day started like that.
 Story time with Sarah! Lainey just loves Sarah and Chris. If they were on the floor she was over climbing all over them. Such a cute picture.
 This is Lainey fighting sleep. She is obviously tired!
 We went for a drive/walk and ended up at this look out. It was really stormy but when the clouds cleared, for 2 seconds, we took some photos.

 I love how Lainey is looking up at Trevor in this picture!

 Both the girls so fascinated with Indie.

 This was what our drive looked like on the way to the lookout. 
Our weekend was so relaxing and it was some much needed time away. We really want to do this again this summer, maybe a different island next time.


  1. Love the last picture! It's stunning, should go on the wall! Can't beleive how old Lainey is getting, almost 1!!
    Looks like a great weekend away :)

  2. I love that she checks out what you are eating before she will eat. I guess you cant eat any chocolate in front of her. Sort of good!!!!!NOT

  3. you h ave some really awesome pictures there! love the glasses and her alone on the floor!!!!