Sunday, April 17, 2011


Finally I have made myself a small clutch! I made my sister one 2 years ago when she was visiting me and ever since I have wanted to make one. I found this pattern on the Spotted Stone blog and loved it right away. I love the material she choose and when I started making these a few days ago I did not have such material. I do now!!! I went to JoAnnes this weekend and got the new DS Quilts line of fabric. I will admit I have more material then I think I can ever use, but it is all so pretty I just can't stop:) 
Here are the two bags I made. One is a clutch and the other is a small pouch. I think the clutch is perfect for an on the go diaper bag. I also think this makes a great mothers day you mom? I think next time I will put a small pocket for cards/cash. Other than that the pattern was so clear and lots of fun to make. Next I am going to try a tote.

And of course some more pictures of my little girl. 
The way she is sitting makes me feel like she is no longer a baby. When do they become a child and not a baby?
 She loves this bear, I have tried to switch it for another lovely because it does have beans in it but she will have none of that. I have made sure that it is safe and will not rip.
 Ahhhh what a sweet face!