Saturday, August 14, 2010

Picnic Blanket Take Two.

The best thing about doing the same project a second time is that your mind evolves and it usually turns out better. A couple of post ago I made a picnic blanket for my friend Jen and I loved how it turned out. Now I have made another one and I have changed a few things. This picnic blanket is square, there is no batting in the middle and the backing is a think water resistant nylon. Now it is not as soft as picnic blanket one but it is more compact and sturdy. I guess it really depends what you are looking for. It will be on my etsy shop soon.

This picnic blanket measures 53 1/2" x 53 1/2".


  1. Love it! Definately like the square look too :)
    I need to buy it then go on a nice picnic!


    P.s new Lainey pllease :)

  2. love the colors of fabric. great job as ususal. I agree with M. More Lainey!!!!

  3. It's very nice, like the dark boarder on it. I can't believe how productive you are at getting all these projects done!