Monday, August 23, 2010

Great Weekend!

Another weekend has come and gone! Time is just going by so fast these days. This weekend was really great. It was one of those days when you think, "wow my life is exactly what I want it to be, I couldn't be happier!". This is what I was thinking on saturday evening when Trevor, Lainey and I were walking home, on the seawall, from the grocery store. We did not do much this weekend but we really enjoyed each others company:)
Also on Sunday we got to go to our cousins little girl's first birthday! It was a great party and Lainey's first birthday party! I wish I took a picture of the two of them together but I was not able too, I believe when they were sitting beside each other I was in the massage chair. lol.

Her hair is really starting to grow in the front.

Lainey sporting her glasses from her friend Sophie!! She is looking pretty good!

Her exersaucer! She is a little too small for it but Trevor set it all up and we thought we would try it. He is NOT chocking her in this picture he just wanted to make sure her head was strong enough to hold up. But the look on her face in so sweet! I think the best thing about working on Saturdays is that her and Trevor are really bonding. She is just so in love with him, I think somedays he gets more smiles than me:(

Who me?
Looks like this outfit is too small but it actually fits perfect, I think it is just the way she is sitting.

So a great weekend and a great week ahead of us. We are going on our first play-day! I don't know about Lainey but I am very excited that we have made two new friends and that they have little girls the same age as Lainey!


  1. Trevor and her look so happy! I love all the pics, can't wait to see her and kiss those chubby cheeks :)
    She looks so great Chris...


  2. She's adorable! Everytime I see new pictures of her, she changes so much! Sorry I missed your call (loved her little voice on my machine though) Call ya tomorrow!

  3. I love the shades! And Lainey!