Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Colin's big boy bed and a little bit of Lainey LOVE!!

First of all, I can not believe Colin is big enough for a big boy bed. Time fly's.....I feel like I have already missed out on so much with him. I hope to move back soon and smother him with love everyday! His mom has picked out some very cool material for him. We are going to make a quilt plus some storage bins. Can't wait to get started.

Then there is Lainey......which is nowhere near a big boy bed, heck she is nowhere near sleeping in her crib yet:) But she fills our life with love everyday! Here are some pictures, she is now 11 weeks old!
Trevor and Lainey after a walk. She looks so comfortable snuggled on her dad.

Cozy after a bath with mom.
Playing on her mat that granny and papa bought her.
I'm so lonely all by myself in the crib, where is Lainey:(
Love this outfit on her!
I was feeding her and I looked down and saw her tiny hand. Sometimes we forget how small she is.
Love this one! Her eyes are so big and blue.


  1. Love the material. Cant wait to see it completed. I think Lainey is like you, cant take a bad picture.I think she is getting cuter every time I see her. Miss you

  2. Fun Material for sure!
    I think she looks like Maddie in the sleeping pictures.

  3. Thanks mom, the trick is you don't post pics that are not good. Love you and miss you too!

    Julie, I think she looks like Maddie a lot too. Let me know if Maddie needs a big girl quilt for her new bed too. Please bought the material on ETSY! You can look there too and let me know.

  4. Love the material too! good choices. Lainey is so adorable...we have the same outfit and same play mat. twins all the way across the country! I can just tell they are meant to be besties! i'll have to send you a pic.
    love you all!!
    p.s. that outfit is good for getting vaccines since it has no elastics around the legs