Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy 3 Months Lainey!

I can't believe Lainey is already 3 months. Time really does fly by when your having fun! 3 months ago yesterday this little girl came into our lives and has made everyday better ever since. We both just can not believe how fast she is growing and how much more in love we are with her everyday. For her birthday we had a busy day. We went on a play-date to the park, we napped on the couch, i heart cuddle time, and when dad came home we went up to grouse mountain. It was a wonderful day! Here are some pictures!
Beautiful sunset!

Lainey's first fide on the gondola, she was so curious, she kept looking around at everything.

This is the park we went to. It was so beautiful!


  1. Great pictures, you look fantastic too! Motherhood suits you perfectly! She's looking everywhere in that carrier!

  2. I swear she gets cuter with each picture. You all look so happy. Its nice. Sorry I didnt with her happy birthday yesterday, but happy late birthday sweetie. love you

  3. LOVE all the pictures and nice to see you too Chris! The brown onsie is really nice on her...cannot wait to see her in two months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Amazing scenery! I love the brown and white outfit, her expressions are so adorable!