Monday, August 16, 2010

Picnic Blanket Take Three

First off my last post did not have any pictures of Lainey and she was missed. Here are some from the last few days. It has been hot here in Vancouver so we have been having a lot of naked mat time. I finally captured her smile!

She loves watching those fish! I catch her smiling at them all the time!
Now for the third picnic blanket. This one is the same as picnic blanket take two but in different colors. It will also be on my etsy shop!


  1. Adorable pics, i love the second one, something about her expression!

    That blanket is beautiful too! The border colour is gorgeous...


  2. The second picture is priceless. M is right, something about her expression! She gets cuter everytime I see her!

  3. everything in this post is simply gorgeous!!!

  4. love the pictures. I really like her little cute.. really like this blanket as well. If I did picnics I would want one.