Thursday, June 17, 2010

Visit with Auntie

One- She does not like to sleep at night:( This is very hard but like everyone says, sleep when she sleeps.
Two- She weighs 7lbs 15oz, and is only three weeks old, that means she has gained about 1lbs a week since we left the hospital. This is such a relief, you just never know how much she eats when you are breast-feeding.
Three- I think she really is smiling at me sometimes, it's not just gas!

Here are lots of pics!
Just relaxing:)
I was trying to take her onesie off and it got stuck on her head, Melis and I could not stop laughing, she did not seem to mind.
Afternoon nap.
Big eyes looking up at aunt Melissa.
She loves looking around when we lay her on her back.

Melissa and Lainey taking a nap. There are a lot of naps in this house lately. 

Somedays are very stressful!

We also made cousin Colin a little something, plus there are a few quilt post that I will update later.


  1. she looks like the most adorable baby gremlin with her onsie stuck on her head!! what a doll! you're right, life is stressful for a baby! sophie has the same apple sleeper in pink!
    miss you all!

  2. that onsie picture is priceless. Looks like you guys are having a relaxing time! mmm...naps, my a kunkel favorite! LOL
    the last pic made me laugh too!

  3. I believe the onsie photo is similar to a scene from the movie Sister Act, without Whoopie!

    (love the photos and blog C, keep up the good work!)


  4. These photos are so great! She has so much character in them! A.dorable!!!

  5. Did you check today? LOL
    Miss you lots!

    Update :))