Saturday, June 26, 2010

One Month!

Melissa left and we miss her so much. She is an amazing person and if you get to spend only 5 minutes with her in a day you are incredibly lucky because she makes each day that much better. We all love you and can not wait to see her again soon. Thank you for all your help!

Also you can see some more pictures of Lainey at Cindy's blog . She is an amazing photographer that Melissa and Jason hired to take photo's of Lainey. She did a great job, better then we could have imagined and she has posted a sneak peak.

Here are a lot of photo's, we have gone flicker crazy over here.
Melissa I miss you! This picture was taken when Melissa was visiting, we went out for breakfast, first time Lainey was in a restaurant!

Trevor has mastered swaddling! Way to go Trevor!
We got to visit Lainey's Great Grandma Ive. She was so happy to see her newest grandchild.
Aunt Melissa showing Lainey a picture of her cousin Colin.

In the picture below I love how she folds her arms under her head when she is sleeping, this is our position 95% of the time.

Aunt Melissa and Lainey snuggling on the couch.
Check out the cool new shoes Nicole made for Lainey, thank you Nicole.

Trevor's first time wearing the wrap, at first he was not sure but after a few minutes he walked around like a proud dad.
Most adorable picture of Trevor, I still can not believe what an amazing father/man her is, Lainey is a lucky little girl.
Her new sun hat!
Lainey laughing, alright its gas.

Happy one month Lainey.......we love you to the moon and back:)


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  2. love the pictures. such kind words to say about your sister, very nice. you are right,I am so in love with the little sweetie already. she brings such joy to everyone who meets her. We are all so lucky to have her in our life

  3. such nice words, gave me the greatest smile on this morning. All the pictures are great, I could comment on all of them, but that would be a novel, LOL. Love the one of you and lainey and the ones with Trevor and her are absolutely priceless.

    The shoes from nicole are adorable!

    Looks like you had a great party.

    Auntie M

  4. Such nice words :)
    I love all the pics, I won't comment on all or it would be a novel. The one of you and her is so sweet and the one with trevor is priceless!

    Happy 1 month lainey, looks like a nice celebration! Miss you all

    Auntie M

  5. love the pics so much! we save them all to a lainey file on our desktop! Wish we could see you all the time but pics will do for now. Lainey is the best dressed child in the world I think...and love love the shoes!! i am so jealous of you crafy girls!

  6. Happy one month Lainey!
    The pics are beautiful! I love the black ad white effects too. The shoes are too cute, and the hat! She looks so peaceful when she is sleeping :)