Saturday, June 26, 2010

A few projects finally done.

I was also able to finish up a couple projects while having a little help at home. It is so great to have family helping out. Lainey just loves snuggling with aunt Melissa and Grandma, and I love it because I can get some stuff done around the house or some quilting, plus great company:) 

Above is Melissa and Jason's quilt.
I helped Melissa make this Thomas the Train blanket for Colin. If you ask Colin what Thomas the Train say's he says, "Choo Chooo". So adorable!!!
This is an ABC book that I made from the "Love U" line from Moda. It turned out really good and it is awesome because you can take the book apart and teach your child to spell words.
Lainey's quilt! This is the one quilt that I actually bought material for and made for Lainey, although she already has another quilt she loves. 
I have recently bought some more material and I can not wait to work on a few projects. So many more babies in the near future, I need to start making some more blankets/quilts. One day when I decide to put Lainey in her crib, I will start quilting again.

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  1. Oh ilove lainey's white quilt, it looks beautiful

    Miss you, auntie m