Sunday, August 12, 2012

Norah Hazel

 Once again a long over due post. We welcomed this beautiful little girl into our lives on July 15 2012 at 3:52am weighing in at 7lbs 4oz. We couldn't be happier having another girl. Not only because she is set for clothing but because I dream that my girls with be great friends for life. I wanted Lainey to have what I have, sisters. It is such a special bond that can not be replaced by anything else. I am thrilled that now they have a chance to have this lifetime friends of laughs, inside jokes, memories, comfort, love and so much more. 

Norah is just so perfect. Wow we really didn't realize how hard we had it with Lainey, don't get me wrong we knew she was a handful but now in comparison. I guess we are lucky that we had the more difficult baby first. 

So I have a ton of photos and from my phone of the last couple of weeks since Norah has joined our family:) Oh and she has grown so much already, she now weighs 9lbs 2oz!!!! Melis you were absolutely right, it is way better having a bigger baby, less stress. And yes I think 7lbs 4oz is big, well in comparison to Lainey. 

 I could snuggle with her forever!!!
 I love the wrap!! So cozy, I wear it almost everyday. 
 Berry farm with my fam! We tried to do fun activities for Lainey everyday when Trev was off. It worked well for us and we all had a ton of fun.

 Beach time!! Lainey was so funny, she ran right out into the freezing cold ocean, falls face first, gets up laughs and keeps going. So cute:)

 Adorable baby smiles and winks......don't even try to tell me otherwise! 
Me and my girls

 Yesterday I was talking with another mom about how you don't really know to enjoy your first baby with all the napping. Of course you enjoy your first, don't get me wrong, but the second time around there is no "nap when the baby naps" modo. Oh how I dream to snooze all day and only wake to feed the baby. Luckily on weekends when we are both home we can take turns napping with Norah.
 Granville Island water park. This water slide is free, nothing is free anymore, so this was awesome to find. Lainey loves water slides. We have also been to the water slide park but they are so expensive. I caught Trev and Lainey coming down, her face had a huge smile.
 hahaha such a classic Lainey move.
 Oh how I love the swing. I would not know how to live without it:)
 My favourite picture of my favourite people

 Lainey rocking a nap in the car. These glasses are hilarious, she looks 70 years old in them. lol
 More snuggles although she looks a little tense here.
 We had our photo's professionally done and here is one pic from the sneak peek. I cant wait to see more.
 Grandma's visit. When my mom came it was a bitter sweat time. I was so excited to see her but so sad Trevor was going back to work. How I wish we could live in that dream world of all of us hanging out everyday. Anyways my moms visit was great. She helped so much and eased my way into being on my own last week. Thanks so much mom we all miss you.
 Beautiful little Norah! I am pretty sure she will have the same cheeks as Lainey, love that. 
 Gorgeous Lainey! She has been such a great big sister. Oh when she tells Norah that she is her sister it melts my heart. She kisses her and loves her so much already, I was completely taken back by this, Lainey is just such a loving and compassionate little lady.
 Had to do this shot because.......

here is one with Lainey!!! They look so much alike. One big difference is that Lainey has my eye shape and Norah has Trevors eye shape.

 I love this new mirror my parents bought me for an early birthday present!!! Now I can actually see what I look like before I leave the house. 

 Awesome swing!

 Family pic.

 Look at those baby roles! Love them.

If you want to compare her to Lainey, because trust me they look a lot a like, you can look at June/July 2010. 
More pictures to come, I have not downloaded the ones off the camera yet.
I'm on week 2 by myself and I might actually leave the house, lol, it's a very scary thought to me. Although I will be with other people, I just hope Lainey and Norah don't team up on me, lol. 

Hope you enjoyed the pictures we sure do love this new addition:)


  1. Beautiful family Chris :)

    auntie m

  2. Fantastic update. Love seeing pictures of the girls. They are both so cute. I sure do miss them. Hopefully I will get to see them again soon.

    Keep up the good work.

    Love you