Saturday, September 1, 2012

First pics of Norah and Quilts

Lots to talk about here:) The first two pictures are quilts I made for a friends kids bed. They are both twin size. One for a girl and one for a little dude.
So vibrant and fun, i love it!
I am so in love with the boy one. Almost didn't want to give it away:( I will have to remake one like it for me!
I even just love the softness of the back.

Bonnets I made Lainey and her little friend. I made it big so it will fit next summer too. Lainey's is the blue one with the grey inside.
This is Lainey's room. I took the old charcoal curtains down and put them in our room and made her room a little more fun. We found these curtains at Ikea for $4.95!!! What a deal, and they go so perfect.
Close up of the floral. 
First picture of Norah and I. Aww love:)
Lainey meeting Norah for the first time. Only hours after giving birth. But next time I will bring my hair dryer!!!

Proud daddy and baby Norah.
This is Norah's coming home outfit! But taken at about 3 weeks old. She's pondering what she will do today:)

Lainey always wants in on the Norah action. We try our best to make her a part of everything. So when she wants to hold her we let her and she always has the largest smile on her face:)
Norah in her crib, still can't believe she sleeps in it sometimes. I think Lainey was 10 months before she would even go in her crib.
Babies and quilts I will never get enough of this combo!
"well hello to you Norah"

Love all the color in this photo!

hehehe Lainey

So precious, love love lvoe
She has become so alert. Thanks Aunty Julie for these awesome baby legs!!! Lainey thinks they are pretty awesome too.
The best thing about making fall dresses last year is that they are now fall shirts:)
Getting all set up to play with some play dou.
eeek one of my favourite outfits of Lainey's is now Norah's. So glad we have a chance to use all these cute clothes again.

Lainey's new yell shirt that I LOVE! 
And those are my girls!!! Love them and feel very lucky to have such an amazing family:)

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  1. Beautiful quilts, and realllly beautiful children. I really think that Norah is changing her looks. Perhaps she is starting to look more like you!!!
    Cant wait to see them again.
    Love you