Monday, December 26, 2011

Breakfast with Santa

 This year we kept to all our "new" holiday traditions. We had breakfast with Santa, which was even better than last year. The food was great and Lainey was into it so much more than last year.
This little girl always has her hand in her belly button. I fought it for awhile but now I just let her be.
 Lainey trying to get Claire to come play with her. 
 "Mom another photo"

 Family photos with the nutcracker!
 I love how there outfits co-ordinate without any planning:)

 She was getting tired waiting for her turn to sit with Santa.
 And this is how it happened. First I had to stay with her.
 Then I snuck away
 And then we got our favourite shot.

 Two old friends hanging at starbucks!!! lol
What a fun time! Christmas is so much more exciting with Lainey to share it with.


  1. She looks adorable in that dress!
    I love your outfit too chris...nice to see you dressing "fancy" again, haha.
    Claire looks SO much older too!

  2. The one with her and Santa looking at each other is just adorable! And I agree with Melissa - you look beautiful!

  3. Awww I love the photos!! The girls are too cute looking out the window at Starbucks, next time we'll have to put cups on the table too! We have some really great photos as well, will email them to you soon!

  4. I think these girls are the most stylish ones I've seen. Love you looking at Santa as if to say, who are you???

    I agree with the other. you certainly do look great.