Monday, December 26, 2011

A few things we did before Christmas

 We went to leavenworth again. It was a great, relaxing time. It had not snowed since mid November so any snow on the ground was ice. We were sad we did not get to make a frosty with Lainey or take her sledding. Also our camera misses every smile on Lainey's face because it is too slow. So frustrating. But I got one good one. She loves her monkey!
 We went to science world on Christmas eve day. She loved it, so much for her to do.

 We stopped for a snack and I showed Lainey all the places we have been and where we use to live. The view is gorgeous, I miss downtown.
 Our Christmas photo on Christmas eve!
 Trevor teaching Lainey how to trim a tree.
 Oh and one more from science world. She is looking for fossils:) 
I did not get around to sending out Christmas cards this year:( Sorry everyone.


  1. LOVE the family photo and science center looks perfect for her age, fun!
    Missed you guys :(

  2. So cute of Trevor teaching Lainey about the tree.
    We really missed you guys too.