Monday, November 14, 2011

 Our weekend was full of adventure. Trevor was in charge of taking us out and planning a fun day and that he did. We went up to Seymour to check out the snow, but because he's a guy we were not dressed properly at all so we just drove around.  So pretty.
 Lainey was so excited for an adventure. 
 We went to the suspension bridge. It was so nice out we had a great time. Here are some photos.
 Love this girl more and more everyday.

 How cute is theat:)

 haha she wanted to play in all the mud. And she filled her pockets with rocks.
 Love love love
 She is having so much fun running around.

 So I had an etsy order yesterday and I wanted to make a bag for the bean bags to go into. So I made this cute drawstring pouch.

 Here is a little card I made for my package too.

 And then I also put in one of my mini Kleenex holders. This is how I will package it and put it in the envelop. So exciting! Hope someone loves it.
Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. love the pouch for the beanbags. Great idea. The coupon really works. I have had 2 repeat orders with it. Lainey's hat looks too big. Is it?
    Not to happy to see snow already!!!

  2. WOW that looks awesome, I think the person is going to be more than happy with it! Great customer service. Hurry put more thinks up for people to buy ;)

    nice family pictures, you have some gorgeous ones to frame!