Tuesday, May 31, 2011

1st Birthday Party!

I still can not believe that Lainey is one. Part of me is so sad. I can remember last year at this time thinking that we had a whole year together and that it was going to be amazing, which it has been and how long that is. It is not long enough and I have no idea where the year went. My little girl is growing up and it is so much fun to watch her learn everyday but part of me wants her to just stay the same.
Also not only is she turning one but that means back to work for me, so sad and daycare for her. I am starting back next week but I still can not imagine not spending everyday with her. 
She is finally a good sleeper. She sleeps through most nights, 12 hours. I really thought this day would never come but she has done it!
Here are a ton of photo's from her birthday and a few from visit with Morgie and Aunty Melissa!
 They loved playing in the crib together
 I can't believe how much Morgan and Melissa look alike! Gosh we sure do miss them so much already. Tonight at bath Lainey kept pointing at the other sink, I had to tell her Morgan was not coming:(

 Mmmm cupcakes, I ate more than I will ever tell anyone. lol
 Gift bags, a wanda and a crayon roll.
 Right before all the guest came, Nanny was hanging out with the girls so we could get ready. Lainey can not stop hugging and kissing Morgan, it is so adorable to see how excited they get for each other.
My new fabric wall. I have to take the glass off some of them still, too much reflection. I love that I can just stare at this wall and it make me happy. Also check out that little rocking chair, that is my next project. I am going to reupholster it for Lainey. 
 This is Lainey's section in our main room. I wanted somewhere her toys could be stored and out of site. She really likes it.
 "IT's my party!!!"

 Wow all these people came for me.
 So excited to have a cupcake.
 Dad Brining the cupcake to Lainey.

 "Do I get to eat all of these" lol

 This was the first gift and the only one she was interested in, after that she could careless.

 Lots of clapping at her birthday party.

 Us three ladies meet at our prenatal class. So nice to have little ones all around the same age, one of them is only one day younger and the other 10 days younger than Lainey.
Melissa was an amazing help! I just love her so much, wish I could have kept her here in the closet or something. 

What a great first birthday we had. And a great visit with Melissa and Morgan.
Also I finally tried spaghetti with Lainey and she loved it.
So my little girl is one, no longer a baby although she will always be my baby.


  1. beautiful post! i miss that little girl. what a great party.

    so sad about the pointing to the sink, makes me cry


  2. great pictures. She looks like she really had a good time. Sorry I wasnt there!!It is sad,but cute about the sink. I am still waiting to see the pictures of them in it.
    Love the fabric wall and play area. Great job!!!

  3. Looks like a happy day for a happy birthday girl! Love the pics!