Sunday, June 19, 2011

The smallest sewing room

I am not complaining because I finally have a place for most of it. I love that I can see it all the time. It is by far not the best organized fabric shelf but I hope to be able to work on it. For now I like to me able just to look at it and to know what I have when I am working on a project.
 And here is Lainey.
 Look at those curls! So cute. She loves her cousins and they come over and play with her all the time. Today I was making breakfast and little Coltin (7 years old) peeped up in the window. So funny, as soon as lainey heard his voice she was so happy. Lainey waves to everyone! As soon as she hears a sound in another room or we walk through the gate to the backyard she starts waving. It is so cute!
 She loves playing with her toys in her toy area. The tea pot is a huge hit Jules:)
 Building towers with her cousin. She adores Colton.
 And her first concert. Bahahaha it was pretty funny. They sang three songs and when she saw Trevor in the audience she got so happy.
 Playing in her pool in the backyard

I love summer! 
Happy fathers day dad, love you:)


  1. She islooking so much older in this pictures. Love the hair, reminds me of C's when he was that age.

    Nice fabric, how many bins do you still have left?

  2. So nice that you have your own little corner for all. those. fabrics! Lainey looks like she is having fun all over the place, love the little pool too. She is so beautiful.