Monday, January 31, 2011

Trip to Toronto & Lainey's is 8 months

What a busy couple of weeks. I can not believe that it is almost February, that Lainey is 8 months and that I have to go back to work in 4 months. I think maternity leave should be at least 5 years. We are back from a great visit with my parents. We had such a great time, it was so relaxing. We even got to visit Melissa and family:) Oh and my mom helped me sleep train Lainey although she got sick and it is all out the window now:( I am hoping when she is better that she gets back into it;) Here are a ton of pictures from our trip.
 Lainey meeting George.......I think she liked him because they are the same size.
 Lainey loves grandpa, didn't make strange at all. Looks like grandpa is really enjoying Lainey's company.
 Lainey doing laundry. She sat in there while I folded all the laundry.
 Her new toys from grandma. She loves these wooden stackers. 
 We went swimming for the first time. At first she was not sure but then she loved it.
 Lainey hanging out with grandma.
 She wants to get moving so bad. I think it will be any day now that she starts crawling. 
 8 month family picture, too bad my face ruined the picture:(
 Check out my new swimsuit, don't I look cute, maybe runway cute?
 Colins famous line, "No thank you". 
 My little man looking adorable

 Cousins hanging out. They look so much a like and seem to have similar personalities, they both hate to sleep.

It was great to see everyone and we miss you already:) 
As soon as I take a picture I will show you all the beautiful fabric that came when I was away.


  1. Great pictures and post. Love the bathsuit photo. I do think she is ready for the spring runway!!! Lainey and Morgan almost look like twins. So cute. Seeing the pictures makes me miss you even more....

  2. Great post! the 2 girls are so cute together. Bathing suit is fun! And her pose is priceless. Get better soon :)

  3. Lots of great pictures!!
    The bathing suit one is killer, love it!!!!


  4. Looks like you guys had such a good vacation!