Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Need Sleep

So Trevor has put me on a movie budget. We use to have a movie store downstairs and it was awesome. Whenever I wanted to watch a movie I would go down and rent one. Well it closed:(
Now I rent them from the television and they get charged to your bill at the end of the month. You all know they can really add up this way. So Trevor said we should rent 1 a month. Totally sucks but we are really trying to stick with our budget. Tonight I was so excited I decided to rent a movie and have a glass of wine. Here is how it went....

Me: Trev do you want to watch this movie "Salt"? I heard great things about it and I think you might like it. (Yes I know I am not a Angelina fan)
Trev: Na you go ahead.
Me: Alright I think you might like it, it is about a Russian spy.
Trev: Maybe in a bit but you go ahead.
Me: Alright.

I go on to purchase the movie and start to watch it. Trev sits down a couple minuted into the movie and this is how it went.....

Trev: Oh I have seen this movie.
Me: Really where?
Trev: On the plane with you.
Me: REally did I watch it too.
Trev: I think so.
Me: Really this does not seem familiar at ALL
Trev: Yup
Me: Ohhh I think I might have seen this now that you say that.
Tre: giggle giggle
Me: I wonder how long it would have taken me to realize I have already seen this?
Trev: giggle giggle
Me: This totally sucks, my one movie:((

Anyways I rented a new movie and I will try to call shaw to explain. Hopefully they understand that I have not slept a stretch longer than 4 hours in over 7 months.

Good night!


  1. Its not just lack of sleep, we do it all the time, its OLD AGE!!!!!!

  2. bahaha...you guys are hilarious!