Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I'm Soooo Sad

To pre-wash or not to?? Well I use to pre-wash all my fabric until I become part of the blog world and realized I did not have to. The reason's I have decided not to is because I really like working with the new crisp fabric, plus it all shrink's at the same rate. Anyways the black that I used for this particular project should have been pre-washed because it is a flannel and it is so dark. It didn't even cross my mind to wash it, maybe it is baby brain. Well 4 months later I finished this quilt, washed it and cried. The black bleed all over the quilt. It bleed around each block, on the binding and through to the back. I feel sick with disappointment.

Close up of my sadness.
Trevor trying to cheer me up.
On another note, I forgot to mention Lainey loves drinking from my glass. Whenever I have water she reaches out for it and because I am really great at spoiling her rotten I let her:)


  1. So sad :(
    I guess there is no fixing it? Did you put it in the dryer yet?

  2. Oh no, so sorry...that totally sucks!

  3. What a beautiful quilt. Thats awful what happened. I wonder if you washed it again, maybe the black will come out?? Worth a try??

  4. oh-no :o That is just the saddest thing!

    Try "kiss-off". Seriously. If not just consider it a "vintage look"?

    Chin up though, it looks amazing regardless :)