Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas and Christmas Town!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!! I hope everyone enjoyed there Christmas with loved ones. This year was Lainey's first Christmas and we decided to spend it just the three of us. We sure did miss the traditional Kunkel Christmas:( But we did enjoy Lainey so much. She was so excited that she got so many new toys. She spent the morning just playing with everything and then pretty much slept the rest of the day, lol. I should also warn you that there are a ton of pictures below. I need to blog more often. 
So here we go!

Lainey in her Christmas outfit!! I heart ruffle bums.

 Lainey sure got spoiled. Christmas is so much fun with a little one.
 She played with each toy before moving on to the next
 Wow! I am smothered in toys!!
 With her first stocking and first doll.
 I love wrapping paper

 Ahhhh!! For those of you that have been around Lainey lately you probably can guess what is coming out of her mouth. She is making loud bird noises. lol She does it when she gets excited.
 Trevor so in love with Lainey.
 Is this really all for me?

 Mom this picture is for you, see how big Trev and my stocking is compared to Lainey's, I know it's full but it is huge! 

 Christmas Morning with Dad!
 "Ahhhh I can't believe it is Christmas!!!"
 "I'm so excited!" 
 Christmas morning with mom!
 This is Christmas eve after our pj exchange! Last year she was in my belly for this photo.

 We went to Leavenworth for a little holiday. It was actually our first trip just the three of us. We had such a great time, I could have stayed there forever. IT was so beautiful, tons of snow and such a great holiday spirit. 

 Cutest little town.
 She is so adorable playing in the snow!!

 Lainey with a snowman
 Lainey falling over. lol. She didn't even fuss. Makes her look so small.

 First sled ride.

 This is what she does when you try to put her in her car seat. She stands up and makes crazy noises and laughs. So funny.

 We got to eat tons of delicious food. Lainey was so great at all the restaurants. 
 Warming up.
 Her facial expressions are so funny, she gets so excited. 
 The view from our balcony, right on the river.
It was a much needed trip for Trevor and I and our relationship. A little one brings so much joy but we can't forget about each other. It was so relaxing and we pretty much all had smiles on the whole time.
Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Such a great post, love that there are so many pictures. She looks so good in hats! And adorable in the snow suit, especially rolling over! Glad that you had a nice first christmas together, it's so much fun with children! We did miss you though!

  2. I love all the pictures, looks like so much fun!
    The one of her fallen over in the snow is priceless, lol

  3. bhahaha Trev and I look at that picture of her rolling over in the snow and just start laughing, she looks like a small puppy. lol It's ok to say that right??

  4. I love the one of her falling over as well. She is so cute. I love the redish sweater she has on when you talked about putting her in her car seat. I can make you smaller stockings, but you wont get as much in them!!!!!