Monday, November 8, 2010


Our visit to Ottawa so was great and of course went by way to fast. we had so much to celebrate, Lainey's 5 month birthday, Colin's 2nd birthday, Halloween, and the arrival of baby Morgan! Here are a ton of pictures taken while we were on our vacation! Oh and Lainey flew for the first time and she was a super little traveller!
I have never been mistaken for Melissa so much in my life and her being 9 months pregnant did not hurt my confidence at all ;)
Good byes are always hard. Colin giving Lainey a hug:)
Colin touching Lainey's nose, he just loves her face.

Lainey meeting some very special people!


Beautiful baby Morgan!!

Uncle Trevor helping Maddie
Being two is such a fun age, I could not get enough of these littles ones.

Trevor even got to hang out with his family. bahaha
Lainey's first of many trips to the museum.

Smell the flowers!
Lainey meeting Aunt Julie and cousin Payton.

Happy 5 months Lainey and welcome to Ottawa. We were greeted with cake and a poster and cousins and aunts and uncles!


  1. The picture of her "reading" the book is now my favorite picture. Add it to my list of copies I want. It sure looks like you had a great visit. How can you not with all those fantastic children.

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful trip! I just love all the babies!!!

    I especially love the one where Colin is touching little Lainey's nose :o
    Too cute!

  3. so many cute pictures of the babies/toddlers. Love the hug one!
    Miss you all